Animatable Properties

You can create a keyvalue for any property by positioning the playhead and changing a layer via either the stage or the panel. For many properties, like moving a layer, this is straightforward, but there are some properties that can update but not animate.

Properties you can animate depend on the nature of the object. There are four types of objects you can animate:

  • Layer: every kind of object is a layer and inherits the properties thereof.
  • Group: a collection of layers, whether they are shapes, images, or text. Groups are special layers that contain sublayers, and therefore inherit all layer properties.
  • Shape: layers that contain vector paths.
  • Image: layers that contain bitmaps, or Sketch layers which only have image files on them.
  • Text: layers that contain text boxes.


Animatable (i.e. any easing or step curves can be used)
Steppable (i.e. only step curves can be used)
Settable (i.e. will not create keyvalues)

Background Color
Mask to Bounds
X Position
Y Position
Anchor Point
Flip Vertical
Flip Horizontal
Border Width
Border Color
Border Corner Radius
Shadow Color
Shadow Radius
Shadow Offset
Fill Color      
Stroke Color      
Stroke Width      
Stroke End Points      
Stroke Miter Limit      
Stroke Line Cap      
Stroke Line Join      
Dash Pattern      
Dash Pattern Offset      
Image Fill      
Image Scaling      
Font Color      
Type Alignment      

Animation timing for non-animatable properties currently do not export to code.
We are working on this. (as of June 25, 2019)

Some notes:

  • Locking Width and Height does not constrain them to a fixed ratio when animating.
  • You can animate Corner Radius for images, but it only has an effect if Masks to Bounds is selected.
  • Image Fill can currently only be imported from sketch.

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