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Flow 1.12.1

A great set of new features for you to dig into, backed by some solid (and difficult) bug fixes that you probably won't even notice because they gone, done like dinner, vamos'ed.

Animation By Design

Animations are an important part of any modern user experience, but they are difficult to create and get into production. They shouldn't be. Here's how we can get there.

Code We Trust

In this detailed look at why you can trust Flow’s code, we look at the syntax of animation code, the architecture of exported projects, and examine real-world examples that show how good the software Flow ships really is.

The Roots of Flow

From learning how to program text sliding across an invisible landscape to building an animation and code-gen tool, discover the origins and the vision behind Flow.

Animate and Ship 50 iOS Spinners in 48 hours

A fully transparent look at my process for discovering, curating, creating and shipping our newest series of animations.

How We Publish to Dribbble

When we post shots to Dribbble, we often do so en masse. Here's an open look at our process and how we manage the volume.

Learning to Animate By Stealing Other People’s Work

Our take on the art of finding design inspiration, picking it apart, rebuilding and owning your own creative expression.

Control, Craftsmanship and Code Export

Our approach to code export lets you maintain control and craftsmanship over your codebase.

Flow 1.7.1

At long, long last we've introduced animated SVG files. This release is our beta version, with obvious improvements on the way.

Flow 1.7

Heads down, commits up... We've been hammering away over the last month to release the latest version of Flow. The big ticket here, is a beta version of Lottie export.

The Power of Templates

One of the more subtle aspects of Flow is our code template engine. It allows us to very easily update and maintain or create new export formats.

Flow 1.6.9 – React!

Flow now exports React components! Adding a 3rd export platform is a major milestone for us because the true nature of Flow is starting to reveal itself – as a tool that can export to any language, platform and style.

Flow 1.6.8 – Web Components

The latest release of Flow has an awesome new feature that lets you embed your animations in a website, using only a single line of code. It comes with some slick performance upgrades to boot.

This is Not a House of Cards

We are building the future of digital design, creativity, and devops. This requires invention, iteration and thinking through some seriously deep problems that the industry hasn't yet solved. To get it right requires thoughtful tech that is both design and dev at the same time.

Flow 1.6 – The Big SVG (Beta)

The release of version 1.6 opens up some major avenues for working with Flow… Namely, for all you lovely people who don't work in Sketch, you now have an opportunity to animate with us. You can export your designs to SVG and drop those right into Flow.

Flow 1.5 – Curves

Easing curves are an integral part of animation. Today we’re really proud to introduce a feature that many people have been requesting for some time now, the easing curve editor.

Flow 1.4 – Drivers

Drivers are a critical step towards integrating interaction and “prototyping” into Flow itself. Interaction has always been our goal, and this release really concretes that direction.

Choosing The Best Animation Tool for Sketch

It’s an exciting time for animation. Never before has there been such a cornucopia of tools available for UI designers and animators. So, which one should you use? Surprise, surprise... we have some thoughts.

Building Brand Loyalty and Reducing Anxiety with UI Animation

Turn moments of anxiety into opportunities to delight users and build emotional bonds through animation. Many seemingly simple user journeys are littered with micro-interactions that put users in emotionally vulnerable positions.

Embracing Your Animated Future

A collection of articles and guides for UX designers getting serious about UI animation. We cover UI animation principles and best practices, what-not-to-do, and a new tool for animating Sketch designs.

Polish, Kinks and Beachballs.

This time around we focused on feedback from our users and ended up smoothing out a few kinks, throwing the beachballs out with the trash, making a few things more obvious, remorselessly crushing bugs.

Flow 1.3 - The Big Small.

This article is about today’s latest release and the level of detail we put into a few key elements of Flow make it easier to work with – like you’d expect, and like you’d not notice if it had have already worked this way.

Flow 1.1.0 – A New Start.

Well, here we have our latest version of Flow whose list of attractive features is definitely more elegant than ever. We’ve spent a significant amount of time fixing up the onboarding experience (hence the title of the article).

Flow 1.0.4 – The Last Beta

When we released version 1.0 we made a commitment to all the lovely people that we would keep updating the Beta until we released new features. The version we released today will be the last update to the Beta version.

Flow 1.0.0 – All the Polish.

The mad dash, the rush, the “final” push. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had our heads down, crushing new bugs, tidying house, and bringing things up to an acceptable level of incomplete as we geared up for the 1.0.0 release.

Flow 0.7.0 – Area Select + Zoom.

The big ticket for this release is a revamped timeline. You can now, officially, scale the timeline and move around in it. Also, we’ve added area select for keyvalues – along with some great alignment and distribution features.

Flow 0.6.0 — Steps, Space, and Time.

In this release we’re introducing the first ounces of some much needed love on the timeline. There are some critical updates as well as a lot of little tidbits to help with our stabilité.

Flow 0.5.0

We’ve been working on something incredibly interesting that required an overhaul of some major architecture. We finally have in our hands a new way to export code from Flow.

A Brand History of Flow

Today, we’re launching a new version of the same software . So, what’s the difference? A lot, really. But, before we get into those details, we’d like to let you know where the idea behind Flow came from.

Flow Beta

We are very proud to announce the release of our Beta. Flow is a motion-design tool for animating Sketch files and eliminating the most painful parts of hand-off in app development.

V0.2 Coming Soon

We hope you’re as excited about C4 Studio as we are, there are a lot of new developments coming over the next year. Our latest release Version 0.2 is on its way very soon, so stay tuned for that announcement in the coming days.

C4 Studio Alpha

Despite the many prototyping tools, design systems and processes for communication, the design-development gap remains vast. And, while newer products are continuing to pop up on the market — Adobe XD — it’s clear that the market is still ripe for innovation… and the gap remains wide open.

The Results

On August 30th, we opened up the alpha to the world. Thanks to Sketch Hunt and who linked and published our post, we had 225 downloads in the first 24 hours and over 1000 signups by the end of the week.

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