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In early 2019, we made a leap from CSS keyframe animations to the Web Animations API. If you're rethinking your approach to UI Animations for the web, this article is definitely a must-read.

The Power of Templates

One of the more subtle aspects of Flow is our code template engine. It allows us to very easily update and maintain or create new export formats.


Flow now exports React components! Adding a 3rd export platform is a major milestone for us because the true nature of Flow is starting to reveal itself – as a tool that can export to any language, platform and style.

Web Components

The latest release of Flow has an awesome new feature that lets you embed your animations in a website, using only a single line of code. It comes with some slick performance upgrades to boot.

This is Not a House of Cards

We are building the future of digital design, creativity, and devops. This requires invention, iteration and thinking through some seriously deep problems that the industry hasn't yet solved. To get it right requires thoughtful tech that is both design and dev at the same time.

The Big SVG (Beta)

The release of version 1.6 opens up some major avenues for working with Flow… Namely, for all you lovely people who don't work in Sketch, you now have an opportunity to animate with us. You can export your designs to SVG and drop those right into Flow.

Try Flow For Yourself

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