The Basics from Design to Production

Flow is a powerful tool that makes it ridiculously easy to animate interface elements designed in Sketch. Let me guess... You want to know how to use it.


Well, you're in luck. Your humble guide, Cornelius, will take you from design through animation to production and show you just how powerful Flow really is.

Learn How to Animate Interfaces in Real iOS Apps.

(Like this one )

This series takes you on a rollercoaster ride – from designing in Sketch to animating in Flow, exporting code, and integrating it into an iOS app.

Buckle up.

Start Here

Cornelius introduces the basic concepts behind Flow, and outlines the rest of the course. Travis explains the goal of the course and shows you Flow's interface.

Prep Your Sketch

Design for UI Animation requires a few important fundamentals. Cornelius will show you why while Travis gives you a lesson in prepping your designs for Flow.


Cornelius waxes poetic about the core parts of working with Flow. Travis, on the other hand, simply gets down to business showing you how to animate your little heart out.


Cornelius explains why your animations are like a well-fed caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Travis dives into you the code that Flow exports.


The rainbows are gone, the ponies are no more. Cornelius explains Flow's code export engine while Travis helps you release your butterfly into a real app.

Try Flow For Yourself

background Made with Flow.
underscore Made with Flow.
line2 Made with Flow.
line1 Made with Flow.
circle Made with Flow.
hit Made with Flow.

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