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Craft Stunning Signature Animations

Craft stunning signature animations

Take your products to the next level with elegant launch, onboarding or button animations, and that's just scratching the surfaces. There's so much that you can do with Flow, from beautiful design experiments and standalone animation pieces, to ad content and promo videos. Flow is a powerhouse for motion design.

Beautify your micro animations

Flow is perfect for adding small flair to your apps and sites. To show you how fast and powerful Flow really is, we animated 50 iOS Spinners in 48 hours.The only way we could do this so quickly and easily was with Flow.

Bring your brand to life

Create beautiful logo animations in just minutes. You'll be amazed at how smooth and easy it is to create with Flow. Want to learn how we built this Dribbble animation? Check out our awesome tutorial.

Refine your interactive elements

With its powerful code export capability, Flow really comes alive when you're designing, animating and generating interactive elements for your site. Check out our form input Experiments, we created a custom export from Flow to generate these animations.

For a Product Designer trying to animate for the first time it’s been really easy to get started.

Colleen PurdyPrinciple Product Designer fromMonarch Money

Powerful motion design with a subtle learning curve

Instantly recognizable, Flow's interface takes all the best parts of modern design tools and applies them to animation. It is easy to learn, yet packs in all the tools you need to fine-tune your creative vision.

An interface that feels very familiar

From the ground up, Flow's interface has been crafted like the best design tools on the market. If you know how to use Sketch or Figma, then you already know how to use Flow.

Motion design that makes sense

Forget steep learning curves and outdated keyframe nonsense. Flow generates animations while you make changes to layers and properties. It's that easy.

Your vision tuned to perfection

Powerful features like Flow's custom curve editor, path editing interface, and timeline with 1/100s precision allow you to infuse your work with the subtlety and nuance that will make it come alive.

We tried to ship something without Flow, only got about 70% of the vision and it took 4 days of dev time.

Mark SalpeterCTO & Co-Founder fromDealyze

Start from Figma, Sketch, or anywhere else

Accurately import your Sketch, Figma and SVG files. Drag and drop images, text and sound clips. Then... Just move things to animate them!

Accurately Import Your Wonderful Designs

Import your designs from Figma and Sketch with Flow's ability to directly read your files. Or, create a new project from scratch and import your design as an SVG file exported from XD, Illustrator or Affinity.

No Properties Left Behind

Flow converts every layer of your design to be editable, animatable, and exportable to code. This gives you full control over every single property of shapes, images, text and so on. No more importing flat images!

Start from Scratch or Drag & Drop Almost Everything Else

Create an empty timeline and start designing. If you need images, icons, text, or audio, simply drag and drop or copy and paste them into your project.

The team at Flow were incredibly passionate, responsive and dedicated to helping our company ship a new feature that was difficult to implement.

Pavel AliferkaTech Lead fromKegel App

Hand off media or code that works for your devs

Flow converts all the nuance of your designs to software that developers will love to work with. So, let's all agree to simply take away the friction of describing what you mean, of misunderstandings, get back to producing great designs, and shipping great products. Stop hearing “NO” and start having fun again.

Iterate and Export, Lightning Fast

It only takes seconds to convert your animations to code, movies, or images. This lets you iterate quickly and tune your animations to perfection, no matter what platform you're designing for. Check our showcase of demos going from design ➞ animation ➞ iOS app.

Ship Clean Code

You've already iterated and tested, so now you export, zip and share. Hand work to your dev team with confidence, knowing that your files are clean and production-ready. Learn more about our philosophy behind code-gen and the future of design tools.

Flow Fits Your Team's Pipeline

Flow covers a lot of ground already, with its Lottie, Swift, Web, Animated SVGs, and React exports. But! We know the engineering side of things and, maybe someone doesn't like Flow's software. Well... Devs can tweak our templates so that the code feels like they wrote it themselves.

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