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Sketch Animation Software

Animate Sketch designs in seconds
and export production ready:

UI Animation Code for IOS Javascript Animations for HTML Animate SVGs

A new class of motion design built for production

Flow makes it easier than ever for Designers and Developers to create beautifully animated interfaces. Everything you create can go straight into production.

Professional Animation Software

Flow gives you an incredible amount of control for editing your animations

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Easy to Learn.

Designed with industry-standard tools in mind, learning to animate in Flow is incredibly easy.

easy-to-master Created with Sketch.

Easy to Master.

Quickly edit animations by moving things around. Dive into every detail to craft nuance and style that brings your animations to life.

Design + Code

Our sophisticated code export allows designers to have far more impact on the style of final products.

production-ready-code Created with Sketch.

Production-Ready Code.

Exporting your animations to Swift/iOS or HTML/CSS is deadly accurate.

translation-handoff Created with Sketch.

Translation + Handoff.

Flow translates the nuance in your animation into software that developers can easily read and understand.

  • Seamlessly Import
    Sketch Files
  • Animate Between
  • Powerful
    Animation Tools
  • Export iOS, Web
    or SVG Code

Flow accurately preserves your designs, without flattening layers into bitmaps, so you can easily bring them to life through animation.

Define before and after states in Sketch, and Flow will animate everything in-between. Then, all you need to do is tweak it so that it’s just right.

Professionally craft your animations using incredibly powerful timeline editing tools. Flow gives you accurate control over properties, timing, and easing.

Easily generate production-ready code for iOS (Swift), Web (HTML/CSS/JS) or SVG using Flow's sophisticated code export engine.

  • Easily Integrate
    Into Your Projects
  • No 3rd Party
  • Modern, Clear
  • Customizable Code

Whether you're an iOS or Web developer, Flow's code is dead easy to integrate into your projects, with tailored assets and organized files structured for ease of use.

Flow's code export depends on industry-standard approaches, like Core Animation for iOS, or web-animations (maintained by W3C) for HTML and SVG.

The interfaces for working with Flow's code are easy to use and understand. The archictectures are clear, readable, and not bloated.

If you need a different language, or style of code to export, you can easily write your own templates so that you get exactly what you want.

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