Where We're Headed

Without giving too much away ;)
Here's some of the dirty laundry we're planning to wash this year.

These are top of mind for us
but they're in no particular order,
and there's no guarantee that we'll get to all of them.


Isn't everything a part of Flow??
Yeah, all the things are... whatever.
Here's a few nice things for you to chew on.

Add animatable gradients

Add gradient panel

Update windows for Big Sur

Improve license registration

Speed up Figma import

Export Settings

Honestly, ezgif and Handbrake both do pretty amazing jobs.
That said, it's always nicer to have more export options right at your fingertips.

Add framerate option

Add colorspace options

PNG compression options

PNG add alpha option (On / Off)

GIF global color map option

GIF add alpha option (On / Off)

Video add format option (Mov / MP4 / M4V)

Video add codec optoins (Prores4444 / Prores422 / H264 / HEVC / JPEG

GIF color palette select guaranteed colors

User Prefs

It's 2021, we should have some user prefs already.
Thanks bootstrapping.

Add user preferences panel

Key Mapping

Default relative mode (on / off)

Default anchor point

Default snapping behaviour (on / off)

Global easing curves

SVG Export

How many kinds of SVG export do you want? All of them!

Single frame export to SVG

Improve playback performance (if possible)

Add preserve aspect ratio option (On / Off)

Add looping opion (On / Off)

Add loop count

Move to media export menu


Once again, the excuse of bootstrapping comes to our rescue.
We'll get you some snapping soon.

Add point / pixel snapping (On / Off)

Calibrate snapping stickiness options

Shift-dragging should allow 45° movement

Add hot key and menu item for toggling snapping (On / Off)

Snap to grid lines when changing the height / width of a layer

Timeline snapping should be more magnetic to keyvalues

Add Snapping to Easing Curve window


I feel like a broken record.
But, it really is a big job.

Add ability to double click on text layer to change text

Accurate text transforms import

Accurate line height import

Accurate letter spacing import

Accurate paragraph spacing import

Accurate frame import

Add UI elements for line height / letter spacing / paragraph spacing

Code Export

Exporting code is our hallmark
So having a few extra tweaks to make your life easier is exactly what we're going to do.

Mask images to the bounds of frame and preserve shadows in iOS exports

Expose autoreverses and repeatCount in Timeline subclass initializer

Suppress CGPath warnings in iOS exports

Add scaling to all the iOS exports

Add iOS Support for non-animating properties

Add HTML Support for non-animating properties

Animate iOS image contents

Animate text changes in HTML

Add ability to set playback speed in iOS exports

Exported iOS code should remove CALayer animations when paused

Easing Curves

Butter just makes everything taste better.
In UI Animation and Design, easing curves are the butter.
Unless you're vegan, then I guess easing curves are like an exquisite virgin olive oil.

Add spring curves to easing curve window

Create new spring curve property panel

Add spring curves to iOS exports

Add spring curves to HTML exports

Create new pattern for defining behaviours

Add default behaviours panel

Drag-drop default behaviours onto layers

Get a ton of funding

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