Alright, here’s an update with some ongoing work, some fixes, and an nice tasty alpha feature that many people have been waiting for.

Path Editing (Alpha)

  • said.

Preparing for Figma Import
A sneak peak at what’s to come for Figma import…

  • Refactor Sketch Import ViewController
  • Added initial stages of Figma import flow & feature provider.
  • Added Flow Services + Figma endpoints for authentication.
  • Added http networking base class, added Figma api.

Flow Common (Web)
Continuing our work to get Safari up to speed with the rest of the internet… We’ve made some improvements to our web export common files.

  • Remove Track and Animation from FlowCommonReact
  • Remove Scale and Anchor point animations from transform animations
  • Removed references to Animation and Track classes
  • Move linear gradient animations into timeline
  • Refactor transform animations
  • Add element ID

Web Exports
We’ve also fixed up some much needed bits for our general web exports.

  • Fix FireFox Driver Playhead Styling
  • Overflow is handled in layer.css.flt
  • Fix fonts in FireFox

iOS Exports
A long awaited touchup for things in iOS.

  • Properly handle scene clipping in main iOS export
  • Set background color of scene via the storyboard
  • Sets background color of scene view