In just a few weeks, the stellar Jeremie Benhamron has gone from a white belt to black belt in the Martial Art of Lottie Exports. This release bring mega fixes so that our files now work in the iOS, Android and React demos we’ve tested. It also works on Protopie and Lottiefiles. Performance has increased, while file sizes have dropped dramatically.

A laundry list of great goodies that have gone into our Lottie export.

  • Fix lottie on Android
  • Fix lottie export for iOS
  • Fix Lottie on protopie
  • Fix Lottie on React Native (except images)
  • Fix Line height bug in Lottie
  • Reduced the size of exported Lottie files
  • Improved performance of Lottie files
  • Add README for Lottie

Two nice additions to our stellar iOS export.

  • ADD README to iOS and iOS - Custom Button templates
  • Created a new FlowCommoniOS Cocoapod

Also, two lovely additions for our rock solid React export.

  • Created flowcommon-react npm package
  • Update React Readme

Flow Services
Like a well trained ninja, we’re doing things on the dl that you’ll certainly be amazed by.

  • Updated flow services encoding strategy.
  • Using urls instead of paths for uploading and sourcing assets from s3.
  • Updated account authentication handling, updated upload screen, refactoring.
  • If you’ve read this far, and are wondering about FS, then email Travis to find out more - we’ll soon need some testers.