The name’s SVG. Animated SVG. We’re getting close to a solid release of an animated SVG file export. As we did with Lottie, we’re releasing the beta today in anticipation of making it better over the next two weeks.

Animated SVG (Beta)
Last year we created a… let’s call it an ultra-alpha version of SVG export. Over the last few weeks, the industrious team of Jeremie Benhamron and Owen Delisle have been refactoring and updating it to a releasable format. Here it goes…

  • Update ollllld animated SVG
  • Refactor SVG template structure
  • Refactor transform animation logic
  • Refactor layer track filtering SVG
  • Refactor svg animation logic
  • Refactor SVG opacity
  • Refactor image animation logic
  • Move shadow defs
  • Move image defs
  • Move fill gradient defs
  • Move fill image defs SVG
  • Add images to SVG template
  • Fix Shape path stroke scaling issue
  • Setup initial rotation of layer, remove anchor point logic
  • Add mask to bounds functionality
  • Fix svg opacity
  • Add hidden layers
  • Add SVG add flipping

In support of SVG export, we needed to add a few tiny, nice… nice and tiny… features to Flow.

  • Add ability to resize groups without adjusting contents.
  • When sharing Flow files, default to the standard export path when the file is opened on a new comp.

Just a little more Lottie.

  • Fix stroke width scaling issue