Oh, please do take the time to read this release. Flow now comes with a REACT template! You can now export a button, as a react component that is backed by the HTML WebComponent infrastructure from our previous release.

New Export Options (incl. REACT!)
A new React template, new HTML WebComponent template, and all the fixin’s needed to make them work.

  • Create React Readme
  • Creating React Template
  • Removing HTMLWebComponentButton Template from exclude in release
  • Update names and descriptions of templates in export window
  • Removed undefined function calls from Web Components Button template
  • Updating timer variable name
  • Created HTML component template
  • Updating escaping README system
  • Update template readme, add signatures

A tiny fix for something we took away.

  • After exporting, Flow will attempt to open the exported document folder (if possible)

A good handful of bugs crept up and we’ve done some necessary house cleaning.

  • Layer difference crash
  • Discrard cursor rects
  • Copy pasting masks from sketch crash
  • Image archiving crash
  • Fix rounded corners bug when corners are 0 degrees

A very major performance increase.

  • Stop using codable value to improve performance when images are present

Animated Images
A long overdue and very lovely feature – you can click on an image’s property panel preview to change it, and Flow will add keyvalues and animate between them.

  • Allow user to change image at point in time from Image Properties panel