Here is a new release that makes Flow a lot faster than it was yesterday.

HTML Button Template
With this release comes a new HTML Button template!

  • Add export for a clickable / toggle button that can be run on the web.

Crash Fixes
There were a few hard crashes that we crushes.

  • Fix path equalizer crash
  • remove fatal errors in TimelineHierarchyViewController
  • fix LayerMenu rename layer crash
  • Fix deletion bug hierarchy panel

Performance Optimizations
We went to town on making things faster.

  • Hierarchy panel updating when deleting rows
  • Moving layers on stage
  • Resizing layers on stage
  • Selecting layers on stage
  • Adding and removing layers to the stage

Stage Refactoring
In order to get ready for the path manipulation feature we are planning we needed to completely refactor stage.

  • Make everything work butter.