Well, we got past the buckshot of releases last week, and are now updating Flow with a bit more chutzpah.

Nasty Bugs + Crashes
We’ve crushed a lot of tiny critters that made their way int our house. Here’s a list of the crashes that should not happen anymore:

  • Copy layers crash, due to some poor counting.
  • Importing multiple artboards is more buttery now.
  • When you export timelines with path animations, Flow doesn’t crash – like it did, before… for some strange reason.
  • Path tracks are lovelier than ever.
  • Moving layers, in the hierarchy panel… yes … now shouldn’t cause crashes.
  • A few crashes from an updated menu layout have taken their leave.
  • A nasty little crash that happened when loading images.

Making Room for More HTML Export Options
We’re about to make more export options for HTML. To do this, we need to overhaul the way things work in our template engine.

  • Remove extraneous code
  • Update setting current time for recently played animation
  • Extract common files into a Web Package
  • Merge flow web
  • Refactor path logic in html template
  • Get rid of hosted template
  • Add base url to non hosted html template

Stage Performance
The internal bits of the Stage need some TLC.

  • Fix media export
  • Fix shadow bug
  • Refactor canvas gesture handler P1
  • Update specific layer views
  • Unhighlight layer before highlighting the next
  • Extract viewstore out of stage
  • Refactor stage view logic
  • Update scene name when renaming scene via properties panel