This is an awesome feature not only for Flow, but for designers who may be using icons and elements from UI kits. And, for all those non-Sketch designers, there is now a pathway for you to import your designs into Flow.

SVG Import (beta)
You can create timelines from them, or drag and drop them onto your current Timeline.

Please note: this is a beta feature, and will be improved in the coming releases

  • Create timelines from imported SVGs.
  • Handle all shape types (including arcs).
  • Created a converter from SVG format to Flow.
  • Rename top-level svg elements into SVG file name.
  • Add drag-drop functionality.
  • Insert SVG files via in-app menu.

Media Import
A useful touchup to importing media files.

  • Allow user to import multiple image, SVG or sound files at the same time.

We’ve added some nice subtle improvements, and some other critical fixes.

  • Fix a bug with dragging scenes in the Sketch import window.
  • Resize Sketch import window depending on screen size and resolution.
  • Add button to empty stage for adding a timeline via SVG file.
  • Align divider of layer hierarchy panel to that of the timeline hierarchy. (Travis sheds a tear in thanks).
  • Allow Flow to open files with missing images
  • Deselect easing curves when clicking on an empty area of the timeline

Export Options
We’ve added a few subtle but important fixes to our export options.

  • Player.js pauses after finishing its animation instead of stopping (and going to the beginning of the timeline)
  • Added a Delegate protocol to Toggle Button in the iOS export option
  • Added a Delegate protocol for the Timeline in FlowCommon (thank you Robin Keech for suggesting this FlowCommon improvement)

Sketch Import
A touchup for importing layer styles mixed with unsaved changes.

  • Override opacity of LayerStyle with that of layer

Another year, another major MacOS release, and here is our fix for some strange behaviour that Catalina brought (will bring?) with it.

  • Fix crash occuring in Catalina