This update brings four great features that make importing from your Sketch files better than ever.

Layer Styles & Overrides
We’ve greatly improved Flow’s ability to import your designs as they look in your original file.

  • Import Layer styles
  • Import Layer style overrides
  • Import Symbol overries (incl. fill images, text, etc.)

Color Palettes
If you’ve created document-level colors for your design files, they now import and can be accessed in Flow via the Color Panel.

  • Import Document-level Color Presets

Radial Gradients
You can now import, animate and export radial gradients.

  • Import radial gradients from Sketch files.
  • Animate radial gradients (via differences in Sketch file).
  • Export radial gradients (and animations) to HTML and iOS.

Import Multiple Artboards
This is a fantastic new feature. When creating a new timeline, you can now import more than 2 artboards… You can import as many as you like!

  • Add multiple-artboard import when creating new timelines.
  • Update timeline creation UI