This release is a solid hodgepodge of nice updates. In particular, we’ve improved import and export, fixed a glaring issue with round corners, and have introduced a new kind of layer - a plain layer, a boring layer, with nothing in it… This is great news for exporting properly structured <divs> or CALayers instead of being restricted to shape / image / text layers.

Swift Update
Update export to Swift 5.

  • iOS template now exports Swift 5 code.
  • Yup.

Sketch Importing
We updated a few things with regards to importing Sketch files.

  • Reverse order of layers copied from sketch so they show up in the proper order in Flow
  • Add ability to represent interaction connections
  • Import hot spot layers from Sketch files
  • Load sketch flow connections
  • Preserve artboard IDs

p.s. If you’re crafty you’ll figure out what we’re doing with the last four tickets in the list above

A couple tiny fixes.

  • Text is smoother on screen because we’re now updating the backing scale factor when changing zoom level.
  • Make modifying resizing constraint undoable.

A few nasty bugs met a timely end this week.

  • Duplicating a layer by option-dragging now doesn’t not show the layer (i.e. the original layer was disappearing during the drag action)
  • Tightened up resizing layers vertically (things were overstretching).

Export - iOS
You can now clip a layer to its bounds, and other lovely things.

  • The masks to bounds option in Flow is now exported to iOS – this will let you do some pretty nifty things.
  • Initial font sizes are now properly exported.
  • There is a better way of handling autoreverse and repeat options for timelines / animations – you can mess with this in your Xcode projects.

Export - HTML (aka Corner Radii)
MMMMM. Flow wasn’t exporting corner radiuses properly, and that was a sad thing.

  • Radiuses now export properly, and that IS a beautiful thing.
  • They animate

OMG. You can actually make layers that don’t have content in them. For example, if you want just a straight DIV in HTML. For example, if you was just a straight CALayer in iOS.

  • Add option to create empty layer.
  • Convert empty groups to layers.
  • A lovely trick: if you created a group, and didn’t rename it, and remove all its things, we change its name to Layer – because having a layer called Group didn’t make sense to some of us, though it did to others, but it was the former group that won the UX battle.
  • Patch up bugs related to allowing empty layers (which some of us think are empty groups - and, technically they are correct)

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