Sketch libraries. Like a pro, you can import them now. If you’re keeing up to date, you’ll see we have been busy trying to get a few solid fixes out on a weekly basis. So, here’s a few lovely updates for this week.

Sketch Library Import!!!
This gets its own section. You can now:

  • Import symbols from Sketch libraries

Other Sketch Import Improvements
Making things a bit tighter, thanks to some user feedback about styles.

  • Include symbol background color only if it is enabled in Sketch
  • Exclude importing styles if they are disabled in Sketch (e.g. shadow, border, fill border options)
  • Fix importing nested symbols with resizing constraints

Mask to Bounds (in Flow)
Want something to slide into the frame of another layer? Now you can (but only in Flow).

  • Create a Mask to Bounds property
  • Started working on exporting this feature to iOS / HTML (this will be in a 1.4.4)

iOS Exporting
A small touch.

  • We added the Flow version to exported iOS projects.

A Wee Bug
Travis was naughty, and didn’t fully test something – but he handed off responsibility to Jeremie… who also was less than accurate. We apologize for this bug, that you probably didn’t even notice.

  • Create ImageView with proper positioning.