A few user-requested fixes, obvious bug crushing, and a loving desire to keep improving Flow.

For all your microscopic design needs.

  • You can easily zoom to fit the scene to the stage
  • Pick a bunch of layers, and zoom to fit that selection
  • Dive in up to a max zoom of 1600%

Media Export
Yesterday: Charlie Chaplin movies. Today: Blockbusters.

  • Movies now export with their audio tracks

Code Export
For you iOS devs – a small tweak.

  • We added options (in export code only for now) to autoreverse and repeat animations on iOS.

Resizing Animations
Started too small? Make your animations bigger.

  • Resizing the artboard, or animations, is much improved
  • In relative mode, resizing correctly adjusts keyvalues and sizes
  • We refactored a ton of code for this.
  • Jeremie panicked a bit.
  • He’s a wizard.

A few bugs didn’t survive this release.

  • Once upon a time you shadowed images had no shadows, today they do.
  • We made a complicated thing simpler… SimpleSetKeyValueValueCommand