This update cleans up a few crashes that have been happening with our latest release, and smooths out some rendering issues when exporting for HTML and running in Safari.

Flow Common Git Repo
When exporting to iOS, there are a few common files that we use to handle animations and integration with UIKit.

  • Create Git repo for Flow Common
  • Include Flow common as Git submodule in Flow
  • Reference Flow common files from bundle

Safari Rendering
Safari wasn’t rendering properly. Thanks Safari.

  • Added a lightweight animation to force rendering for the entire artboard.

Export Fixes
Updated some important things related to exporting – mainly for Safari, but also for gif/apng/mov files as well.

  • Remove references to and file generation for css animations
  • Ensure Text appears in gif export
  • Fix exporting text in Movie export
  • Remove declaration of CSS filters (for shadows), animations will handle this setting
  • Use classes not ids in html export - so you can use multiple exports on the same HTML page

Ah, there were some crashes. Only a couple. Gone now.

  • Fix crash when trying to delete scene
  • Fix importing attributed string