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This month was heavily focused on the release and support for our Animated SVG and Lottie exports.

Working Remotely

Our team is working very efficiently from our respective remote “offices.” In a way, we may be more efficient now than when we were in the office. It’s still early to tell if this is a general trend, or perhaps a symptom of the big release we made on April 7th. Either way, we’ll keep an eye on how our team feels as we continue working remotely for longer periods of time.

Lottie & Animated SVG Release

These are two export formats people have been requesting for a while. On April 7th, we released both through Product Hunt. Obviously, we expected to see a spike of activity. However, we have also seen more longer-term engagement, and even some re-engagement from our users over the weeks that followed. Below is a link to our page, and I will cover our findings in a more detailed post that will be available from the main Investors page.

Financial Planning

We are working towards producing a pro-forma and have engaged two separate advisors to help with this task. We’re working hard on both angles.

Originally, we had pulled together a financial plan for a 9-month forecast outlining how we would spend the monies from a seed-round. I felt that this plan wasn’t strong enough and engaged an advisor to help strengthen it… Their approach was to suggest getting more data from users about the benefits of Flow, establish an Ideal Customer Profile, and use the research outcomes to inform the proforma. This approach is manifesting as, essentially, 3 tests: 1) direct interviews + questionnaires, 2) analysis of our PH launch and feedback, 3) an upcoming targeted ad campaign test. I believe the main goal of this approach is to establish reasonable grounds for future pricing and projections.

We recently engaged a second advisor who is taking a different approach. The tactic here is to create, evaluate and refine a 3-year plan and work backwards to what we need to raise for our seed round. This approach is to establish vision and value of Flow reverse engineer strategic and financial plans, then craft a pitch.

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