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Advisors, Production, and Export

We started doing marketing channel tests, produced 3 new exports, generated some awesome demos (to use as marketing collateral) and brushed up our pitch.

Marketing Channels

We started testing ads again. We had run numerous tests from Fall 2018-Summer 2019 then stopped cold turkey to focus on cleaning up our site’s conversion funnel, build new content, and push new features asked for by our users.

This month we got back to adversiting by running tests primarily on LinkedIn and Facebook. At the same we produced a ton of awesome demos and pushed those to Dribbble. We also started participating in new communities on Reddit.

Hovers, Buttons, Forms

We produced 3 new (as yet unreleased) templates that allowed us to cook up a LOT of new demos.

  • Hover Experiments - A simple export, drives an animation when a div is hovered on a website.
  • 3-State Buttons - A first experiment with component exports.
  • Text Forms – Advanced components backed by Flow animations.

We’re using these experiments as conent for Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. We’re managing posting via Buffer.

Pro Forma

Flow is going to make money. To model that, we need a Pro Forma. So, we started collaborating with an advisor from Volition to help us craft the financial forecast for Flow. To inform this, we started doing some user research to get feedback on pricing, growth, features, etc. This will be our major focus for March.

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