How does Flow work with Sketch?

When you create a new project, Flow reads a Sketch file of your choosing and rebuilds all the artboards and elements you’ve already designed. After choosing two similarly structured artboards, Flow automagically animates between your designs then lets you tune those transitions to perfection.

Does Flow only allow two artboards to be linked?

Currently: YES… But not for long. We already have the ability to add key values, and we’re working on importing multiple artboards to a single animation.

How can I get a copy of the Flow?

Just hop on over to our download page where you can get a trial or paid license and a copy of the latest release.

I tried to open one of my existing Sketch files and it doesn’t look the same in Flow.

Our import tool is pretty solid. But, there are always little things that slip through the cracks. If you have some more advanced elements in your design files like:

  • Blurs…
  • Inconsistently rounded corners (e.g. 0;3;3;0)
  • Multiple shadows

Chances are your files will be really tight to your Sketch designs – but in some cases they may look a little different.

There are some decent reasons for us choosing to not import certain techniques or elements – however, that’s a discussion for another day.

Sketch updated and now I can’t open my files. What do I do?

Since we’re tapping directly into Sketch files, there’s always going to be a short window of time between a new Sketch release and when we can test and fix our import tool.

When Sketch releases beta versions we will get on fixing or updating our importer. Each release we will upload new versions of Flow to our servers and you should be able to automatically update to the latest version.

Will you ever have prototyping tools?


background Made with Flow.
underscore Made with Flow.
line2 Made with Flow.
line1 Made with Flow.
circle Made with Flow.
hit Made with Flow.

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