Get a Free Year of Flow

Follow the steps below to get a free year of Flow – they're pretty easy. In fact, they're not far off from what you'd be doing with Flow anyways – i.e. learning how to make amazing animations.

Here’s a quick recap of the steps:

  1. Sign up here to get a free version of Flow. (We'll send you more info on the deal, too).
  2. Learn Flow by doing our course, and some tutorials
  3. Make 5 awesome UI Animations, and share them with us.
  4. We’ll have a look at your animations, and share the best ones with the community!</li>
  5. Then, we’ll send you a special 1-year license.

Did You Sign Up?

First, you need to have signed up via our education page to get this deal. If you haven’t done that then click the link to head there now.

This step starts at 1:09

If you’re already in the workforce, then you should definitely be able to afford a license!
But, do get in touch if you can’t and tell us why.

Learn Flow

Obvious, right? Well, we’re super keen for you to learn Flow, so here are a few starting points.

This step starts at 3:07

Our Onboarding Series

If you go through our short, awesome, onboarding series of tutorials you’ll learn just how powerful flow really is. Grab a coffee and power through this series in about an hour.

We’ll take you from a raw design file, straight through to getting your animation into an app.

Do Some Tutorials

Head over to our resources page to access tutorials, docs, where we have tons of resources – and some with walkthrough vids to watch.

Ask Us Questions

The best place to connect is on our Slack Group. We’re constantly available to answer any questions. We’ve got decades of experience building beautiful animations that we want to share with you.

Make 5 Animations

We want to see you make 5 animations that you think are awesome.

This step starts at 3:29

These can be anything…

  • UI Animations
  • Loading Animations
  • Onboarding Animations
  • Silly Animations
  • Marketing Style Ad Animations

No holds barred here.

That’s it. Just 5 awesome animations.

Send Us Your Animations

Send us links to your animations so that we can see them and share them!

This step starts at 3:40

Get Your License

We’ll review your animations and then send you a special 1-time license that will give you access to a full version of Flow for 1 year.

This step starts at 4:55

That’s it!

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are a few pages and places you might find some interesting things to try and recreate:


This site has a LOT of pages of beautiful UI Aniamtion-y things. Here’s a few that we really love:


Obviously, a ton of inspiration on Dribbble. Below are a bunch of links to get you started.


There’s a few gems on Behance.

background Made with Flow.
underscore Made with Flow.
line2 Made with Flow.
line1 Made with Flow.
circle Made with Flow.
hit Made with Flow.

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