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Exporting Assets

Flow can export media in 3 different formats - Video, GIF and Images.

Exporting Video

Pressing CMD+Shift+M, or selecting File > Export > Movie will export a video of the current timeline.

If you want to export videos for multiple timelines, simply select another timeline and re-export.

Videos are compressed using H.264 format.

Sharing a Vid

You can also use the standard sharing function to post your work to any of your CHANNELS HERE.

Exporting GIFs

From the main menu, you can choose File > Export > GIF, and wham….You have a GIF of the current timeline.

This is how we produce animated GIFs for our site.

Exporting an Image

Pressing CMD+SHIFT+F, or selecting File > Export > Current Frame will export the current frame that is showing on the stage:

For the selected timeline, this produces an image of the current frame.


background Made with Flow.
underscore Made with Flow.
line2 Made with Flow.
line1 Made with Flow.
circle Made with Flow.
hit Made with Flow.

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