Flow can export media in 3 different formats: Video, GIF and Images.

Exporting Video

Pressing CMD+Shift+M, or selecting File > Export > Movie will export a video of the current timeline.

If you want to export videos for multiple timelines, simply select another timeline and re-export.

Videos are compressed using H.264 format.

Sharing a Vid

You can also use the standard sharing function to post your work to any of your CHANNELS HERE.

Exporting GIFs

From the main menu, you can choose File > Export > GIF, and wham….You have a GIF of the current timeline.

This is how we produce animated GIFs for our site.

Exporting an Image

Pressing CMD+SHIFT+F, or selecting File > Export > Current Frame will export the current frame that is showing on the stage:

For the selected timeline, this produces an image of the current frame.