Build With Us

We are a group of interaction designers and developers focusing on the creation of cutting-edge design tools. Our studio’s projects range from producing custom iOS applications to building physical interactive installations. Some of our prior works include:

  • Building Flow (of course).
  • Designing and building installations, such as our recent Interactive Touch Wall.
  • Creation of custom “concept” applications for SAP, used to deliver highly compelling keynote presentations at international events.
  • The ongoing development and maintenance of C4: an open-source creative-coding api for iOS.
  • An interactive artwork made up of ~30 iPads that communicate and share animations and effects between one another, we call this piece M/O
  • The creation of interactive data visualizations such as CityBits
  • The design and production of modular LED walls such as Halo

Designer / UI Animator

We’re building a new class of motion design for anyone with a creative flair and a taste for building beautiful products and writing great software.

What You’ll Do

Your main job will be three-fold. First, you’ll use Flow to create amazing animations that can be integrated into real applications and websites. In this capacity, you’ll also work with our team to design, structure, and build out great content that inspires our users to push the boundaries of UI Animation. Through this work your second task will be to maintain and grow Flow’s brand identity – there’s a solid amount of work to build off of here. Finally, being a power user of Flow you’ll have a direct impact on UI/UX improvements to the product and you’ll be involved in all critical aspects of product roadmap and strategy.

A Bit About You

Top candidates will be experienced in animation and prototyping tools, have a willingness to learn, should have a strong understanding of Human Interface Design principles, as well as the ability to think strategically about the product. We’re working on some other cool projects via Logic&Form that we hope you can be a part of as well.

macOS / iOS Engineer

We are looking for a macOS/iOS developer to help drive the development of our cutting edge design tool, Flow. Your role will involve all aspects of architectural design and development. You’ll be building a desktop tool that allows designers to take static designs, animate them and deliver sophisticated application-ready code to devs.

What You’ll Do

Your primary role will be on the development of Flow, a design > animation > code production tool that bridges the gap.

  • Build custom interface elements
  • Develop new features
  • Fix bugs
  • Contribute to architectural and technical discussions
  • Foster an environment that encourages productivity, innovation, equality, and teamwork

A Bit About You

  • 3 years experience in software development on Apple platforms. You can diff UIKit AppKit in your sleep.
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS or related field. You know what a hash map is.
  • Experience with Swift 3, you know what an optional is and what flatMap does.
  • Ability to work independently and within a team. Managing your own time is second nature, but you also know when to bounce ideas with your peers.
  • Creativity with focus.
  • Willingness to embrace new ideas and be open to emerging technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills, you speak up if you need help and keep your colleagues informed.

Nice to have…

  • Experience with macOS development
  • Keen to jump in and operate within a start-up environment
  • Recently building an iOS app that is live in the App Store
  • Understanding of design patterns
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