Flow 1.12.1


A great set of new features for you to dig into, backed by some solid (and difficult) bug fixes that you probably won't even notice because they gone, done like dinner, vamos'ed.

We added direct access to our great content including our Basics videos (which you should watch btw), Flowcasts (where you’ll really learn to animate), and more. To date, we’ve got over 75 videos for you to watch, over 20 tutorials, and 30 docs. That’s tons of resources for learning how to animate.

Export Image Sequences

There’s a new option in Flow for exporting your animations to a sequence of PNG files. Simple, elegant, and a solid tool to help you in all your production adventures.

Import Animated Animated Images

You can now import animated PNG and GIF files into Flow. When you do, Flow will create an image layer and an animation track with all of the frames from your file. Superb for helping you recreate animations.

Animated Fonts in Lottie

Here’s a cracker, for all the Lottiephiles out there. You can now animate font changes when exporting your animations to Lottie. This means font family, and subtypes, as well as font sizes will all animate nicely. Getting the ascenders to play nicely was a gig.

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