What We Do

We're building a new class of motion design for anyone with a creative flair and a taste for building beautiful products and writing great software.

Designers. Developers. Artists. You?

In 2011, we started building a simplified, but powerful, programming lanugage for artists. Over the years, we used that language to build artworks and produce stunning apps.

Then, in 2015, we envisioned a tool that would bring the power creative programming into the hands of designers everywhere, but they wouldn't have to touch a line of code, and they could export their work to any native programming language.

Flow was launched in 2018, as a professional animation tool with a powerful code export engine.

But the vision is much bigger than just that.

Who We Are

Like lionesses on the hunt, our core team is incredibly talented, lean, and focused.

Travis Kirton Director

Travis currently serves as the Founder and Director of Flow. Having worked at pioneering institutions such as the Ars Electronica Futurelab and the Banff Centre for the Arts, Flow is the culmination of a career spent at the cutting-edge of interaction, design and culture.

Alejandro Isaza Architect

As the lead architect of Flow, Alejandro crafts the technological vision for the product. Alejandro's deep interest in engineering naturally led him towards Computer Science and a mastery of Artificial Intelligence. His natural talents are reflected in Flow, a tool that seamlessly translates the creative intentions of designers into clean, executable software.

Nicolás Prieto Designer

Nicolas is the visual voice of Flow and Director of all things Design. Having worked across all disciplines of design, Nicolas brings an unmatched talent for design systems, branding, and product development.

Jeremie Benhamron Engineer

With a Master’s degree in Control Systems Theory and a decade of engineering under his belt, Jeremie is responsible for technical infrastructure and feature development.In Flow, wherever things just work is where Jeremie’s methodical approach to understanding and developing complex systems comes to life.


Bios, products descriptions, logos, images, and wallpapers for desktops and phones...

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