Here’s an intermediate release with a couple of things. Mainly, this is to help us test the notarization process.

We’ve tightened up a few bits of the UI.

  • Adjust fonts throughout menus
  • Add menu items to layer menu
  • Fixes blurry icons in hierarchy panel.

Added a small popup to help explain greyed out artboards during import.

  • Add pop up to help explain why you can’t create a timeline with artboards that ahve mismatching layer hierarchies

SVG Import
A touchup from last week’s release.

  • Import corner radius of rect elements

Crushing at least one.

  • When creating rounded rects in flow, ensure the corners dont get distorted when resizing the rect

Our release process should be smoother with this.

  • Update release script to incorporate Notarization
  • Add Sign Bundled Frameworks build phase

Sneak Preview.

  • Allowing upload of document along side timeline uploads. (not visible to users)