This release introduces a new easing curve window – with enough preset curves to fill a bucket. You can choose from any of the standard easing curves that have been around since the 80s, and you can also create custom curves.

Easing Curve Window
Pure Butter. Someone asked us a long time ago to have custom easing curves. We set out to do this, and along the way needed to lay a lot of foundation before getting to this feature. Finally, we’re done. And, we’ve also laid the groundwork for behaviours.

  • Add a new easing curve window
  • Incorporate all the default bezier options (e.g sine, quad, back, etc.)
  • Add a super hot easing curve editor view
  • Add ability to create custom curves
  • Add ability to modify control points on easing curve picker
  • Add ability to modify control points via text fields
  • Add custom easing to html and iOS export
  • Use page control to toggle between preset and custom curves
  • Animate the size of the window to hide / reveal curve editor
  • Save window expansion state
  • Expand window when user creates new custom curve
  • Click on curve in timeline selects that curve + launches window
  • Disable creating custom curve when step selected
  • Create an animatable path button
  • Customize animations for + x and < > buttons
  • Add ability to delete custom curves
  • Handle edge cases when deleting curves
  • Select custom curve after adding or deleting curve
  • Allow only Step curves for non-animatable propeties (e.g. text content)
  • Udate easing curve selection correctly after reversing a timeline
  • Switch between In / Out or Forward / Reverse curves automatically when reversing a timeline
  • Update easing curve editor when user selects a new tab
  • Allow user to increment control points via up and down arrows.
  • Update easing curve window after timeline changes
  • Highlights selected curve, updates custom icon
  • Clean up all the things

A touchup for exporting to HTML.

  • Converts maskToBounds property to overflow style in HTML export
  • Added a method to encode images directly into SVG files (fyi, foreshadowing)
  • Adds background pattern support for SVG

Scaled iOS Animations
We’ve figured out a solid way to scale your animations on iOS, so it’s possible now to change the size of a Scene in code and have all the spacing, and sizing of animations follow suit.

  • Add scale(to:) method to exported SceneView class

Git-Friendly Files (again)
We used to have a git-friendly export, and then our relationship took a turn, but we’re back together and happier than ever.

  • Write stable JSON files

We tidied up a few loose ends.

  • Updated our About Window – colors / names / praise
  • Fix mask corner radius problem
  • Close open documents when app is deactivated or app is opened no valid license is found.
  • Open Welcome window after activation process is successfully completed.