Product Hunt Outcomes

Here is an overview of our most recent major release, which we promoted through Product Hunt.


Any Product Hunt release is going to create a spike of activity – nothing immediately long lasting. So, the bump in activity makes a lot of sense. A few key things that we got out of the launch:

  1. Connection with the Lottiefiles team, who are pushing the Lottie format to become industry standard – I’m skeptical of this, but groupthink…
  2. Connection with the creators of Lottie, specifically the engineers behind the iOS and Android projects. They helped us bring our export up to industry standard.
  3. Confirmation that our Dribbble efforts have turned into a great channel.
  4. Established a deeper network for marketing and outreach.
  5. A better understanding of the state of our industry.

Here’s our: Flow + Lottie Launch Page

It’s clear that PH is a good place to launch new features, and we need to prepare even more for the next major feature. A PH launch every 2 months with a major update / feature would be a great rhythm for Flow. Especially if this is backed by continued Dribbble shots, publishing new UI Animation experiments, deeper and tactical segmentation of our mailing list, and high-touch connection with our userbase through Slack.

These are primary and sucessful channels.

Pre-release Activity

We prefaced this release with increased outreach activity through multiple channels.

  • Flow Mailing List – We warmed up our mailing list to help with the launch. We targeted specific segments of our list with different content based on their subscription, activity and interest statuses.
  • Social Channels – We used Buffer to create consistent awareness across our social channels (incl. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Flow (Slack) - We added 6 channels to our Slack Group to promote discussion and we set up more onboarding steps to give newcomers a deeper sense of community.
  • Animation at Work (Slack) – We connected with other like-minede UI Animation enthusiasts, increased our posting and activity.
  • Indie Hackers – We particpated in this community, specifically raising awareness by asking questions about the quality of our pre-release page, wording, and promotional direction.
  • Every Little Animation (Reddit) – We’ve been contributing new posts to this thread, and occasionally drop Flow-related animations.
  • Dribbble – We set up a stream of new content / posts for our Dribbble account, showcasing our recent experiments. We also followed people and linked to Flow in our posts.

These pre-release activities started about 3 weeks prior to launch.


538 Upvotes / 5th For the Day

Flow came out 5th most upvoted on the day, out of 29 apps submitted on April 7th. After a bit of digging, we found the following:

  • Buildbox (1600+ Votes) has a pretty large following of 70k users on Youtube and were promoting a “Build your own game with #nocode”… which is pretty enticing.
  • Kdan Mobile PDF Reader (733 votes) – this should have been top of the day given that they have “7 million” users…
  • Lunch Money 2.0 (615 votes) – This product has a great story, a single female founder who designs, programs and markets. On top of this, they had multiple articles, AMAs and even a podcast interview come out in the weeks leading up to the launch. Smart.
  • Terrible horrible no good very bad ideas (547) – by a hair’s breadth we could have had #4, but were outdone by a great name, simple site, and a founder with a large following, who fairly recently sold their startup to Amazon for a whack of money.

Considering we were behind other products that, IMHO, should have all gotten way more votes, Flow’s vote count was quite good for the day.

Top 10% of Design Tools in April

We were in the top 10% of design tool apps launched in April, which is great because we launched a week later than some tools. We outdid hundreds of other products.

Product Hunt Newsletter

We made it into PH’s newsletter on April 8th, which goes out to “100,000s” of people… But, we didn’t see much of a bump compared to the previous day from this activity.


We saw a solid bump in web traffic throughout April. While Producthunt was the top referrer, our organic / direct linking was still the top source by more than double.

Website Activity

The total number of unique visitors increased by 62% compared to March, there were 10k more pageviews and our index page activity nearly tripled.

  • GA (Google Analytics)
Stat   March April Change Note   Source
Users   5.3k 8.7k 162%     GA
Unique Page Visits   15.4k 25.9k 168% Added 10k pageviews!   GA
Chrome   3.8k 6k 157% Chrome reps 70% of views   GA
Safari   1k 1.85k 180% Safari reps 23% of views   GA
Index Page   2.8k 8.2k 290% Nearly tripled   GA
Top Pages 2-5   1.9k 4.4k 228% Top 4 pages after homepage   GA

Website Pageviews – Top 5 Referrers

Despite the activity from the PH page, organic / direct traffic is still the top source for us. The top 5 referers were:

  • MP (Mixpanel)
Stat   March April Change Note   Source
Direct / Search   7.3k 9.9k 136% Organic was still the top source   MP
Producthunt   53 4.5k 8500% Obviously…   MP
Medium   580 510 88% We released a post in March, not April   MP
Twitter   22 241 1095% More posts, more retweets   MP
Mockplus   106 220 207% 10 Best Animation Tools   MP

App Stats

Generally, across the app we found a major increase in usage, launches, and exports. Our exports show that media and code were exported nearly at parity – this points to the usefulness of Flow as both a general animation and code export tool. The aSVG export edged out Lottie, surprisingly and both outdid HTML, which makes sense because our launch was about these two new formats.

Stat   March April Change Note   Source
Launches   969 1843 190% Nearly Doubled   MP
Active Events   29.5k 62.5k 212% Fanstasic increase in activity.   MP
Export Media   740 1400 189% Benchmark.   MP
Export Code   532 1500 290% Increase expected, triple great.   MP
aSVG   25 362 1450% Surprisingly, more than Lottie.   MP
Lottie   79 347 439% Assumed this would have been higher.   MP
HTML   193 247 142% Still higher than iOS!   MP


We started actively using our Dribbble account in late February. The revenue of activity coming in from our account is great, considering the amount of effort it takes to post. We saw a downturn in incoming activity, which can be attributed to our NOT having posted new content after April 17th.

  • March: 2353 hits from 48 total/cumulative shots.
  • March Top 3: Rockies (752), Whisper (447), Bandy (412)
  • April: 2053 hits from 62 total/cumulative shots.
  • April Top 3: Netbro (431), Wave (340), Quadra (314)

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