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Powerful animation tools &
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Create polished animations with Flow's powerful timeline and export to production-ready code.

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No animation tool on Earth works better with Sketch. Auto-animate between Artboards. Perfect Sketch file imports.

Code Export

Flow has the most robust code export in the industry. Period. Export Swift for IOS, Javascript for HTML, and animate SVGs.

Who's Using Flow: SAP, Stackbit, Microsoft, Deloitte, RGA, Apple, IBM, Amazon, Accenture
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Design in Sketch, animate & hand-off code with Flow.

Flow translates all the nuances in your animations & Sketch designs to code that developers can easily read and integrate. Everyone saves time and your hard work makes it through production exactly as you designed them.

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Know Sketch? Know Flow.

Designed for Sketch users, by Sketch users. 👋 Learning to animate in Flow is incredibly easy.

Flawless Sketch file import

Flow accurately preserves your designs, without flattening layers into bitmaps, so you can easily bring them to life through animation.

Animate between artboards

Define before and after states in Sketch, and Flow can automatically animate everything in-between. All you need to do is tweak it to perfection.

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Your wildest animated dreams,
in production.

Craft world-class animations using our powerful timeline editing tools. Flow gives you accurate control over properties, timing, and easing. You can fine tune your work to perfection and deliver developer-friendly code.

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Powerful easing tools made easy

Fine tune your animations with our precise easing panel. Choose from a range of useful presets or tweak them and create your own. The best part? Looping animations reflect easing curve changes in real time so you can test different profiles easily.

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All the right formats in the resolutions you need

Convert any frame to a static PNG, or your whole animation to animated GIF, APNG, or MOV, then scale it up using a handy little drop-down option on Flow’s export panel. Everything is generated in high resolution, so you can downscale as you need afterwards.

Industrial Strength Code Export

Stop wasting time manually translating UI Animation prototypes from the design team into code. Our sophisticated code export allows designers to easily generate developer-friendly code for iOS (Swift), Web (HTML/CSS/JS) or SVG.

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Easily integrate code into your projects

Whether you're an iOS or Web developer, Flow's code is dead easy to integrate into your projects, with tailored assets and organized files structured for ease of use. The architectures are clear, readable, and not bloated.

No 3rd Party Dependencies

Flow's code export depends on industry-standard approaches, like Core Animation for iOS, or web-animations (maintained by W3C) for HTML and SVG.

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Customizable code templates

If you need a different language, or style of code to export, you can easily write your own templates so that you get exactly what you want.

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