In early 2019, we made a leap from CSS keyframe animations to the Web Animations API. If you're rethinking your approach to UI Animations for the web, this article is definitely a must-read.

You should be using the Web Animations API for your sites and web apps. It’s an extremely powerful and nearly cross-browser approach for animating DOM elements. But, don’t take our word for it. There are a lot of interesting opinions out there in favor of WAAPI.







Uses Javascript instead of CSS Javascript is essential for making any complex web animations https://css-tricks.com/myth-busting-css-animations-vs-javascript/ No independent scale/rotation/position control. CSS jams them all into one “transform” property making them impossible to animate with different triggers on the same element. Most people think that CSS animations out perform JS animations which is untrue. Some browsers allow you to pause/resume a CSS keyframes animation, but that’s about it. You cannot seek to a particular spot in the animation, nor can you smoothly reverse part-way through or alter the time scale or add callbacks at certain spots or bind them to a rich set of playback events.

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